Friday, October 22, 2010

Tantalizing Menu for November 07

Dinner at the Mill Street Cafe/Gallery surrounded by the OKWA exhibit: Sunday November 07 one seating only at 6pm. Prix Fix at $25 for three courses.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


"Swamp Bog Marsh Fen" Su Sheedy November 12-22 at Terrence Robert Gallery in Ottawa, 531 Sussex Drive. 613 860-9888  Opening Reception Friday November 12, 6-9pm

OPEN STUDIOS KINGSTON  november 13 and 14  1-5pm
6 artists in 2 studios
1. 49 Edgehill Street off Centre Street for Lee-Ann Taras ,Sally Milne and Barb Carr
2. 477A Princess St at University for Erika Olson, Hanna Back and Jane Derby
call 613 544 3906 for info


Seasonal Showcase of 60 works at the Agnes Etherington Art Rental and Sales Gallery  November 4-7, 2010    Meet and Greet the Artists on November 6 Saturday 2-4pm.  university ave at Bader Lane  613 533 2184

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sharon Thompson Painting Workshop

October 19 and 20th, "Plein Air Painting" with Sharon Thompson.  9:30 to 3:30pm $140. Painting from life using abstraction and expression as well as observation to develop skill in landscape and still life painting.  613 352-5582  The Academy Gallery, 352 Academy Street, Bath, Ontario K0H1G0 
(It is easily reached 100 meters north of the only signalized intersection in Bath, which is at Church Street (Hwy 33 and County Road 7).  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OKWA Mill Street Gallery Show Pricelist

Barb Carr "Les Girls" SOLD
12 x 12" paper collage
Barb Carr "The Secret's Out" $150
12 x 12" woodcut

June Anderson "Plate of Eggs" $400
oil on canvas 12 x 12"
June Anderson "Mixed Vegetables" $400
12 x 12" oil on canvas

This show should be called "Deck the Halls" because the pieces are all small in price and size! Ideal xmas gifts, especially for those art lovers who say they have no more room.  Many of the paintings are safe for small spaces like bathrooms, for example the acrylic on canvas of Pauline Conley, the metal and encaustic works of Sheedy, Falkner and  Derby. These will also stand up in the kitchen thematically as well as being impervious to food spatters! eg. June Anderson's and Erika Olson's still life paintings.

 Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm and Saturday dinners 5 to 9pm. Look at the gallery website for directions and more information :

You can purchase by directly contacting the artist.

Pauline Conley "Limp Noodle"
$185 8x8" acrylic on board

Pauline Conley "Orangey Orange" 
$185 8x8" acrylic on board

Pauline Conley $360
"Waking up in Delhi"
36x12" acrylic on canvas

Pauline Conley "Pashmina Scraps"
$280 acrylic on canvas 12 x 12"

Mary E. Crawford "Pat & Patsy"
$115  oil on canvas
10 x 12"  613 542 1761

Mary E. Crawford "Rhapsodist in Concert"
$175 acrylic collage 12x15"
613 542-1761

Lee-Ann Taras "A Pause in Time" $225
mixed media 10 x 10"
Lee-Ann Taras "Ascending" $225
mixed media 10 x 10"
Rebecca Cowan "Working Women" $200 8x10"

Rebecca Cowan "Working Women 2"
Mixed Media $200 8x10"
Rebecca Cowan "Working Women 3"
Mixed Media $200 8x10"

Hanna Back paperclay $2,500
Mary Peppard "Purple Haze" $200
Mary Peppard "Purple Haze 2" $200

Wendy Cain paper pulp spray $180 7"sq.
Wendy Cain paper pulp spray $180
7" sq
Suki Falkner "Ground Duration"

Suki Falkner "Neighbourhood Gas"

Suki Falkner "Announcements"
Suki Falkner "Rubber Stamp"

Suki Falkner "City Shrine"

Suki Falkner "Public Telephone"

 Suki Falkner's encaustic transfers are all 6x6" on wood panels for $75.
Contact her at 613 374-1180

Erika Olson "Chocolate Cupcake"
$100 4x6"

Erika Olson "Blue Icing"
$100  4x6"


Martine Bresson "Monet's Garden" Photograph $250
23 x 36"

Judy Springer "Field Lines"  $65
11 x 13" photo collage
Su Sheedy "Wool Grid" $650
12x12" encaustic
Su Sheedy "Marsh Grid" $650
encaustic on pressed tin

Jane Derby "Domestic Arts #1 $400
automotive paint on metal

Jane Derby "Domestic Arts #2" $400
automotive paint on metal


Hanging the Millstreet show was an enjoyable experience, a gaggle of women 'milling and hanging' around somehow without direction arranging themselves into units that tackled individual walls and accomplished hanging a show with style! Another experience of women working harmoniously together. Here are pictures of the crew hanging on Monday October 4.  Soon, pictures of all the works will be put up with prices/sizes/etc. for those unfortunate people who cannot make it out to Sydenham to view the work 'in the flesh'.  Gallery/Cafe hours are from 11am to 3pm Tuesday to Saturday and Saturday 5pm dinner.  The reception is scheduled for 07 November 3 to 6pm with dinner at 6pm.
Martine Bresson, Mary Peppard, Su Sheedy, Pauline Conley, June Anderson, Rebecca Cowan and Alana Kapell.

Su and Martine getting it level.

Mary and Pauline positioning Martine's photograph.

Martine photographing the finished product.

the finished product!

Rebecca and June being technical.

17 artists with 2 or more pieces each.

June, "Hope Barb Carr is okay with this."

Pauline, "What do you think? here, there...?"