Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Screenprinting Workshop in Kingston

An intensive 2 day workshop where participants will learn photostencil techniques, mesh selection for printing fabric or flatstock, inks and additives, set-up and multicolor registration, and printing techniques using hand and automated presses for both t-shirts and flat graphic printing. Waterbased inks and low-tox materials used, all materials supplied.* 
This is a Squeegeeville.com workshop featuring instructor Andy MacDougall ASPT. It takes place in Kingston Ont. 
Dec 4&5. Course spaces are limited. cost is $250. for more information or to register contact Julian Berry   ironcladgraphics@gmail.com   or phone  613-484-6666

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


November 07/2010 OKWA reception was held at the Mill Street Gallery.  Dinner followed with almost a full house celebrating the art with a menu reflecting the paintings.  Hopefully this is a beginning of a lovely yearly celebration?

Pauline Conley digs into an Erika Olson look alike.

Suki and Fred

Sally Milne and Chris, Michele Larose and Sherry

Barb Carr, June, Sue Lyons and friends